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Luv Bugs and Bear Hugs offers educational preschool classes for ages 3 to 5 years. Alphabet Buddies preschool classes prepare your child for Kindergarten. Promoting skills in reading, phonics, math, science, social skills, motor skills, listening, comprehension, observational skills, and much more . For more information on my 3 day a week preschool program click here!
“That’s what little kids are made of”
Luv Bugs and Bear Hugs Ms Wendy and her school are amazing! I was nervous when picking a preschool for my youngest daughter. She was definitely a mama's girl and used to being at home with me. Well, she not only opened up in Ms. Wendy's class.....she SOARED! Her confidence and the skills she learned were wonderful. She was more than prepared for kindergarten both socially and academically. Ms. Wendy makes learning fun and makes the kids want to learn. This is such an important foundation for kindergarten. My daughter couldn't wait to learn more and more. She was not only ready for kindergarten, she was advanced. Thanks to Ms. Wendy's nurturing and educational environment, my daughter is excelling in school and looks forward to every day. THANK YOU! Mindy C.  Luv Bugs and Bear Hugs has been our school of choice for over 2 years and 2 children. Mrs Wendy has a very creative, loving, encouraging, structured, and academically driven program! Our kids have always loved going to her class (and yes its a real class room with individual desks) and cant wait for school time! Wendy did a great job setting a foundation for our daughter who has embraced kindergarten with confidence and knowledge. We recommend her school to all of our friends! Rebekah W  Doing what we thought would be best for our daughter, Kira. We chose to place her in preschool with Miss Wendy. We saw how Miss Wendy interacted with both of our kids in the local Community Center and felt as though she was and is a very loving, compassionate, patient and smart person. It is obvious that Miss Wendy loves kids and has the patience to teach them to their full potential. Over the last few years we have not seen Miss Wendy once be rude, inappropriate nor unfair to any of the kids. We are very particular on whom we allow to watch our children. But, it just shows how Miss Wendy has a special bond with each and every child. And we do think that she loves them all. Miss Wendy's house always is clean and presentable and the fun crafts and pictures that are displayed throughout her she house show just what a wonderful woman really is. We highly recommend Miss Wendy for her preschool classes. Our daughter and son both love Miss Wendy and family. If we had another kids in child, Miss Wendy would be our number 1 choice for preschool. We even have both of our kids in her summer school program, and the kids are loving it!” John and Sandy L.  “I just loved having my daughter attend Miss Wendy's preschool. She was very timid and shy in the beginning, and we did not know what to expect. To our delight, she "came out of her shell" in the months that she went there. We are still amazed at all that she learned with Wendy. She knows how to write all of her letters and numbers beautifully, and to our surprise, is starting to really take off with her reading! She is more than prepared for Kindergarten this year, academically and socially. “  “We loved having our daughter come home and share all that she learned in class with such excitement. We have decided to enroll our twin daughters for the upcoming school year. They have even formed a bond with Wendy, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for them in class!”  Maria C.  "Eric really enjoys going to Luv Bugs and Bear Hugs preschool. I have been very impressed with my son's level of learning. What Miss Wendy can accomplish in two and a half hours is amazing! The art projects they bring home are fantastic, and the amount of detail that Miss Wendy goes into - on every level - is extremely impressive. This is quite possibly the best prep for "real school" that any child can have!" Jori D.  “Madi my daughter has been a student of Wendy Devenney since she was two years old. She started in classes at Deer Valley Community Center doing Messy Art and now has just finished a year of Pre-School for 3's. For the last few months of this last school year Madi also has been attending Pre-School in Anthem. She has always loved taking lessons from Ms. Wendy but now she has the ability to compare methods and environments. Madi loves Ms Wendy. Madi explains how much more fun Ms Wendy is, how imaginative, how the projects are better, and that it is  much more interesting at Ms Wendy's. Madi is four. She likes to write letters and stories. She sits and asks how to spell words as she writes her stories out. She is confident in her creativity, and I believe this isa result of the guidance she has been given. I hope to have Madi continue with Ms. Wendy in the fall in her 4's class.“ Melinda B., Madi's Mom   Here is what some of our parents have to say about Luv Bugs and Bear Hugs!